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vSphere Client on Windows 7

September 4th, 2009 4 comments

Update 2010-03-03: Keep in mind that this was fixed in vSphere 4 Update 1. Although if you can’t move to Update 1 for some reason, this will still work.

Update 2009-09-08: I just updated the script because I received a report from wohali (Joan) over at VMware communities that they had a problem when the vSphere client was installed on a different drive and I have now fixed that problem.  I also added in support for making the host update utility work as well.  Lastly, I added a few output messages so you can see what’s going on and know what is getting done.

The past few months I have been enjoying Windows 7 quite a bit (both the RC and now the RTM), but at the office we use VMware for many of our clients and the vSphere Client unfortunately has an issue with Windows 7 due to an incompatibility with a .Net 2.0 library dll that comes installed on Windows 7.  When you install the vSphere client, you will be able to get through the install without an issue usually (If you have J# already installed you may encounter issues installing the vSphere client), but once you try to connect to your vSphere server you get an error stating “Error parsing <server> clients.xml file  Login will continue contact your system administrator” followed immediately by another error “The type initializer for “VirtualInfrastrcture.Utils.HttpWebRequestProxy” threw an exception” which then brings you back to the login screen and you are unable to connect in.
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