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ASP.NET Code Delimiters

January 19th, 2011 No comments

When working in ASP.Net there are a number of code delimiters you need to be aware of, the most recognizable one is <% which, for anyone who has worked with anything from Classic ASP 1.0 (anyone remember IIS 3?) through ASP.Net 4.0 will recognize. Some people call them tags or code shortcuts, both of which are only partly true. Calling them “tags” is a little misleading because ASP.NET tags are really things such as “<asp:DropDownList />” and “<asp:ListItem />“. Calling them code shortcuts is a bit misleading as well because, while some of them are shortcuts (<%= ... %> is a shortcut for <% Response.Write (...) %>) not all of them have this kind of purpose.
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